Decision Time for Arundel Square Treehouse Planning Permission

25. October 2012 - 19:30
Islington Town Hall

On 7.30pm on October 25th, Islington Council's planning committee is due to meet again at the Town Hall to decide the fate of the Arundel Square Treehouse. If they grant planning permission, we will hopefully have some sort of after-school celebration at the treehouse in collaboration with our friends at Islington Play Assocation - more details on that to follow soon. If they refuse planning permission, we will have to take the treehouse down! So fingers crossed, monkeys...

Meanwhile, the petition started by local parents and children has been submitted to the committee so they can consider it as formal evidence in their deliberations. With over 500 signatures when it was handed in, we have been really moved by the strength of feeling of the local community in support of the treehouse - below are some of the 200+ comments left by the petition signatories in favour of keeping the treehouse.

Supporters Reasons for Signing

Teresa Holden
London, United Kingdom
Children need more opportunities to climb and scramble and play together outdoors in the city. This is a public park and should be child-orientated as well as adult orientated: both should expect to share. This gives children something to climb and scramble over, to meet friends in, to spend time outdoors on

Siobhan O'Connell
London, United Kingdom
My children love playing in the treehouse - it is unique in London

Alice Mattey
London, United Kingdom
Tree house is amazing . . . they should be building more not taking them away :)

Gemma Maconie
London, United Kingdom
The kids love it.

Angela Adams
London, United Kingdom
It's an excellent, fun place for children to play together, something quite unique in this urban location.

ophelia wynne
london, United Kingdom
children should have places to play, especially a park and tree house designed for them

Cristina Alvarez Blanco
london, United Kingdom
It is a great facility for the children to play and awesomely built.

Susan Perry
Bawdsey, United Kingdom
Spent most of my adult life in Islington - London is a hard enough place to grow up in as a kid, if there's a community resource for them that gives pleasure and is well used, then for heaven's sake, let them keep it.

Angela Dow-Wright
Ipswich, United Kingdom
For the sake of children's joy of playing outdoors and being sociable outside of the home
and Internet.

Caroline Dunham
London, United Kingdom
It's a great local amenity offering children a sense of freedom and excitement while blending in with the surrounding area. It would be scandalous to remove it

elliott crinson
london, United Kingdom
I am aged 12, Arundal square is my local park and I love playing in the tree house.

Laura Preshous
London, United Kingdom
Its a wonderful play resource which should be kept for the local children

Street Play Play
Wivenhoe, United Kingdom
This treehouse might get the chop because a few residents have complained about the sound of children playing.
We need to demonstrate that most adults put the right of children to play ahead of a few wrong-headed, council-letter-writing meanies.

Street Play Play
Wivenhoe, United Kingdom
This is important to the children living in Islington, a borough with very little green space. They are citizens too and their rights should not be outweighed by a few residents that don't like the sound of children enjoying themselves.

Christine Ali
London, United Kingdom
Local children are already enjoy playing in the treehouse. It is not antisocial, and its keeps them off the streets. They have a right to play in their neighbourhood.

margaret Tracey
London, United Kingdom
Tree houses such as this are a unique resource for inner city children, the type of resource that are usually only available to those from more affluent backgrounds and as such, we should not be taking them away from children whose social and finacial backgrounds deny them such access.

Ellie Page
London, United Kingdom
It is important for children to have fun places for them to play in their local neighbourhood, where they can meet and socialise with their friends.

Lorna Ryan
London, United Kingdom
fantastic facility

iain crinson
offord road, United Kingdom
my kids use this extensively

Kristi Banker
Iowa City, IA
Tree houses hold a certain sort of magic for children, and can even call up a long-hidden something (nostalgia, joy, magic) for adults. Many children are unable to have anything like a tree house of their own. Such creations as this add invaluably to the experience of life, and help to show that there is light in the world.

Christian ALLEAUME
CAEN, France
I like this small park, a nice place for the children, a place to meet people.

Duncan Prowse
London, United Kingdom
Kids need adventure spaces

cally cole
suffolk, United Kingdom
The more trees for kids to play in the better.

Christine Prowse
London, United Kingdom
City children need as much outdoor experience as possible. They also need their imaginations ignited and what better way than in a tree house.

Bridge andscomb
Ilford, United Kingdom
Children need adventurous and challenging play spaces for a happy childhood and to
develop fully.

Phil Doyle
Isleworth, United Kingdom
It is great to allow the children and young people from the local neighbourhood the experience playing in a tree house within an inner city park.

Claire Reynolds
London, United Kingdom
We often visit the area. Please keep fun stuff for kids!

Eleanor Young
London, United Kingdom
My children love this spot - one of Islington's precious green spaces they don' ave many places left to go!

Cathrine Ellis
London, United Kingdom
Because it is much loved by the children of Islington who enjoy having this cool and original structure to play on. It is causing no harm to anyone and should be kept in Arundel Square. Perhaps the people who oppose this tree house should be living in the suburbs where they can have their own garden and tree house within their own garden as opposed to living in a city where space is valued for all to share.

Mari Mcgeever
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Because as a Gp I support places for children to exercise and have fun

Andrew Hajithemistou
London, United Kingdom
Arundal Sq has been given a new lease of life for a 21st century community. The flower beds, landscape, playground and pathways all add to welcoming a diverse audience - yound and old. The more recent addition of the tree house is a further testament to creating a fun and enjoyable space for the young and active in the area and community beyond. Please do not take away this pleasure and sense of adventure from our lives and for those in generations to follow.

Natasha Broke
London, United Kingdom
This is clearly a great resource for local kids and should be preserved

Hamish Neave
London, United Kingdom
It's a fantastic inspirational magical concept and a key structure within the Park

Rose Latham
London, United Kingdom
Because I as an adult use the tree house and so does my nephew (aged 5). It is fun, well designed and gives kids something to climb - something often lacking in urban areas.

Helene Ferey
London, United Kingdom
It is part of the community feeling and a great thing for the children. It makes the area a little bit more lively and I can't see how it would be a nuisance.

belinda manfo
london, United Kingdom
love the treehouse so much

Eleanor Taylor
London, United Kingdom
Because I live in the area & its important to keep things like this going in London.

Kathryn Nolte
Woodbury, CT
I played in tree houses as a kid and I think they're great! Other kids deserve the same opportunity.

Joachim Djavadi
London, United Kingdom
To the whingers I say move to the costswalds if you don't like people. You're fortunate enough to have a beautiful park in front of your flats, which is more than 99.9% of Londoners have got. Let our children have their fun and stop being little people! Can't believe the council are even pandering to this nonsense.

Shaw Cooper
London, United Kingdom
I want to save the treehouse because I really like playing on it because it is so high. Shaw age 7

Martin Spence
London, United Kingdom
I think it's important for children to have fun places to play and learn about themselves

Wally Mills
London, United Kingdom
Part of my own personal memories. Today's kids should have the same memories I do.

Medhya Sahay
United Kingdom
This keeps kids out and away from TVs and video games. Do we want a bunch of obese diabetic kids!

Imran Khan
London, United Kingdom
A lovely development in a lovely modern park in a residential area.

Jan Clements
United Kingdom
I live in arundel square and love looking out the window and seeing kids having fun. My own children used the playground when they were little. If there's a problem with anti-social behaviour, there should be more frequent checks on the park ESP after dark. The new residents must live and let live in the heart of London.

Stephen Richards
london, United Kingdom
My 2 year old son loves playing the tree house.

Michael Parkinson
London, United Kingdom
It keeps the children occupied and out of mischief.

Simon Hill
Rickmansworth, United Kingdom
We are throwing kids childhoods away or changing them very dramatically and not for the better. Reap what you sow people!!

Kate Chambers
brighton, United Kingdom
We visit often, it is a lovely tree house and it's so sweet seeing the children play collaboratively on it.

Dr Ignacio Romero
London, United Kingdom
a community is made up by common activities, not by an idealized environment of visual perfection

helen dungworth
London, United Kingdom
Its great for the kids and the community spirit

LONDON, United Kingdom

Helen Worsley
London, United Kingdom
I Like tree houses very much

Virginia Wiseman
Islington, United Kingdom
This tree house brings so much happiness to the children of Islington. Please, please don't take it away!

Richard Willsher
London, United Kingdom
Let the children play outside. Let them explore. Let them have their little piece of adventure. This is such a fun thing for them to mess about in.

Denzil John Asche
Vancouver, Canada
The treehouse fosters joy and is a catalyst for imagination and health. It is exciting and well-designed. Imagine the effect on so many children would something so clearly good, something they trust as a part of their world, were to be simply taken away.

Rebecca Servadio
London, United Kingdom
It is a marvelous asset to the community and gives pleasure to many.

John Farndon
London, United Kingdom
Because I believe that kids in this area don't have enough spaces of their own, and only the very wealthy have gardens to play in like this. Things like this also help bond communities

lisa hallgarten
London, United Kingdom
I am an Islington resident and am really proud of this playground which kids love. There aren't enough adventurous outdoor spaces for kids in this borough. I really think the residents who object to it are being petty. Who can object to the sound of cheerful children getting out in the fresh air and playing?

Theresa Mills
London, United Kingdom
I go to Arundel Sq with my family who live quite nearby,i take my Granson who lives in Hampshire with me, he finds it a fantastic place where he can run and play safely with his Cousin Ollie to his hearts content, since he's been home he's asked if he can go again when he's here on holiday again, i really don;t want to tell him that he can't because it's been knocked down,he'll be so upset, as will the many many families and children who live nearby who use it all the time, please don't do this!!!!!

Christopher MacLehose
London, United Kingdom
This beautifully designed and well made tree house is already a treasured element of the new square garden, a delight for children which must be preserved at all costs.

siladevi chawda
london, United Kingdom
I love playing on the treehouse with my friends when we go there.
PLEASE don't take it down!!!!!!!!!!!! :

Sam McAllister
London, United Kingdom
It's obvious, our children need to play here.

Anna McAllister
London, United Kingdom
I love the tree house because I play in it on the weekends with my friends.

Nikky Callan
eastham, United Kingdom
My family love it there.

Lily Kember
London, United Kingdom
Today's society encourages children to spend too much time in front of screens – schemes like this treehouse get them outside and playing again, and so should definitely be protected!

Patrick McAllister
London, United Kingdom
I am 14 but I still play on the treehouse when I am at Arundel Square-I think it is a wonderful resource and it would be a real shame if it was taken down.Besides,you can't see into the houses from it,and even so,the children DON'T CARE!

Maeve McAllister
London, United Kingdom
it's really fun!!!!

Lucy Gilliam
London, United Kingdom
Kids being outdoors playing is so important for their wellbeing. This treehouse looks gorgeous. Please keep it!

Tony Morrison
Manchester, United Kingdom
It would be very sad to reduce the opportunities for the local children to enjoy themselves safely and it would be a ridiculous waste of money to pull it down

Jo Edwards
London, United Kingdom
The tree house is great. Please don't make the kids sad by taking it away.

Susanna Grant
London, United Kingdom
Too few new structures for kids as it is. It's hardly an eye sore either.

sonny lee
london, United Kingdom
It's fun and it looks awesome. The people in the flats can see through it. I think it's really mean that it was broken on purpose.

Andrew Ross
London, United Kingdom
My children love this treehouse, and it would be a big loss to them, as well as a waste of public money if it gets torn down.

Prudence Lambert
London, AL
I enjoy seeing people having fun in the treehouse, it's great!

tyrhys husbands
london, United Kingdom
me and my friends like to play on the tree house. and lots of children like to play on so think about others and not just about yourselves

Ann Miller
London, United Kingdom
It's a vital community amenity for children who have outgrown the existing small children's play area. The green space it's in is a 'St George's Playing Field, originally designated for play. It's in one of the most densly populated boroughs which lacks green space and such play amenities. It's proved very popular in the time it's been there.

Barry Fillingham
Lowestoft, United Kingdom
So my grandsons can continue to play and excercise near home.

Delia Phillips
Leckhampstead, United Kingdom

Rachel Barnard
London, United Kingdom
This is a fantastic and rare facility. Kids love it and it also looks really good. It is crazy to have to petition to keep something like this, there should be more of them.

Mervyn Diese
London, United Kingdom
Islington needs unique features like this.

clare picone
london, United Kingdom
we use this park and the tree house is great

Meta Hoarau
london, United Kingdom
i`ve got 2 kids

David Lincoln
London, United Kingdom
This treehouse looks brilliant. ther should be stuff like this replicated throughout the borough so kids could have adventure through play then maybe they wouldn't try to grow up so fast.

Louise Maqsood
london, United Kingdom
Its important for city kids to have an experience of playing and climbing trees in a safe manner

Neil Grindley
London, United Kingdom
I don't understand what the issue is. Privacy? If you don't like living in a house with see-through windows, then go and buy a submarine. Don't go and spoil the kids' fun.

fiona sail
london, United Kingdom
the world needs more places for joy and wonder

LONDON, United Kingdom
For anyone who wants to turn upo to support the tree house the decision on the application was deferred at the committee meeting to allow a members site visit. The application will return to the committee meeting on Thursday 25th October at the Town Hall for a decision.

katy Davison
London, United Kingdom
it encourages community cohesion, social integration & fun

Angela Cooper
London, United Kingdom
Please keep the lovely treehouse! My children ask to go there after school almost every day.

Kay Buchan
London, United Kingdom
It's a wonderful and unique place for children to be children.

Michael Whelan
London, United Kingdom
Children's play is important - full stop. Let's not get rid of even more places they can play, there's few enough already!

Brendan Caffrey
london, United Kingdom
The population of young children in Islington is increasing. This is a much needed resource.

Richard Welpton
London, United Kingdom
It would be so sad to see it is a great addition to the park and fosters a community feeling....young people need to have somewhere to go and have fun...its not like there are a lot of parks in London. I'm from the countryside originally, and its obvious that the tree house is better than hanging around on a street corner!

Rachel Ward
Happisburgh, United Kingdom
If the tree house is structurally sound I can't understand why there would be an object and the posibility of it's removal. It's lovely to have an outdoor focus point and it's important to have an adventurous place for children to play and explore, (and adults too!). Does the cost of removing it really outweigh the benefit of an outdoor safe but adventerous item that keeps children occupied? Is this down to a few complaints or a ridiculous health and safety thing?

Helen English
London, United Kingdom
All the local residents worked hard to assist and inspire the redevelopment of Arundel Squareover many years including working very closely with the architect Bill Thomas whose project it was.That he felt obliged to to sell to developers anf that those developers appear to have a somewhat narrow frame of reference should not deter the council from, for once, being sufficiently brave to do the right thing and support what is plainly. a delightful amenity .

Luke Morgan
London, United Kingdom
This tree house is ace. Leave it alone. The kids have a wonderful time playing on it. Perhaps the detractors have forgotten what it's like to be a child.

Thomas Bristow
London, United Kingdom
The treehouse is wonderful, there are no reasonable objections and children have the right to play under the UN charter on human rights.

Jo Simmons
London, United Kingdom
It makes for innovative play, it is beautifully designed and has brought my family (of all ages) great happiness. Extreme off-ground touch anyone?

Susan Caffrey
London, United Kingdom
This is a wonderful facility for local children, it would be a scandal if it was removed

Piers Shingleton
London, United Kingdom
Gives our children an outdoors experience that is very hard to find in the city

Emma Kay
London, United Kingdom
because my children love it. tree houses are special places for children and there should be
more of them, not less.

Rachel Clogg
London, United Kingdom
London's children need things like this.

Teresa bednall
islington, United Kingdom
the square really works and it is great that so many people enjoying themselves.

Josef graves
london, United Kingdom
it shouldn't be knocked down cos it's the best thing in islingon. If you don't like looking at it why don't you buy curtains. Or blinds, like everyone else. Josef. Aged 9.

Caroline Alleaume
Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom
It is a great thing for the children to play in. Urban children don't often have the opprotunity to play in tree houses.

Marion Rose
London, United Kingdom
Why banish FUN?

Dr Dan Morris
London, United Kingdom
Anything that encourages children to be outdoors and active in this built up part of inner
London must be a good thing. The Treehouse is well-designed, unobtrusive and fun! :

Rob Lawrence
London, United Kingdom
My kids have played there are lot and LOVE the tree house - its a great asset to the park.
Not only that, its really cleverly designed and rarely, for such a thing is good to look at.

Andrew Mold
London, United Kingdom
It is a great activity for children in a borough without a lot of green space

susie barnes
London, United Kingdom
Its great!

susie barnes
London, United Kingdom
The kids love it.

Martha Forshaw
London, United Kingdom
Kids in London don't get many opportunities to be up trees.

Karen Shaw
London, United Kingdom
Children should be encouraged and supported to play with nature.

Tallula Butler
London, United Kingdom
Its what makes the park

Luke LoseyLukeL
London, United Kingdom
This is a wonderful way for children to explore nature inner city. This should be encouraged not discouraged. Don't make the world blander please.

susanne griffin
London, United Kingdom
I have children myself and see the great need for this kind of play area for the young people of today.

josie ayers
london, United Kingdom
gives a great sense of the country in the city, vital for childrens mental health

lindy hemming
london, United Kingdom
because it provides a safe , outdoor , green , low traffic pollution, FUN, place and allows inner city children to experience freedoms they have lost. This is really important, SAVE THE TREE HOUSE.

Martin Woolley
london, United Kingdom
Because children have so few outdoor places to play in islington

Yvonne Hellin Hobbs
Dorchester, United Kingdom
Because my grandchildren use the tree house

anne mckenna
oxford, United Kingdom
children need more than concrete in their enviroment

johannes kulsdom
thornton heath, United Kingdom
Help the kidds to have some fun ,itdoes not take much !

Harriet Carver
Nayland, United Kingdom
The kids love it

Anyi Hobson
London, United Kingdom
Arundel Square represents everything that's good about Islington: residents of all ages and from walks of life use it at different times in different ways in relative harmony. The tree house has only strengthened that. If a couple of Arundel Square residents have genuine concerns, then the council should by all means try to address them by, for example, controlling the times it can be accessed. By contrast, removing it altogether would be a drastic and short-sighted move that would only punish Islington's already green-starved children.

amanda hembrough
ashburton, United Kingdom
Its important because my friends children play in it and enjoy it.

Gavin Catterall
London, United Kingdom
if you don't like living opposite a park, move somewhere else

Joanna Catterall
London, United Kingdom
It's an amazing play resource. We all need to live together in this big city.

Claire Alleaume
Telford, United Kingdom
The tree house is important to the kids I know who live on the square. Living in a city, it's important for children to still be able to climb up trees and have fun in a natural environment.

damien shingleton
blandford, United Kingdom
It's a useful community resource.

geraldine mulvany
london, United Kingdom
Children need to play, use their imagination, but most of all have FUN. Your also preventing future biologists and zoologists from their inspiration to work in those areas when they are older. their future depends on us. Don't let us ruin it.

Diana Phillips
London, United Kingdom
My daughter simply loves it and for me, it looks a great design!!

Dee Benham
Islington, United Kingdom
My 8 year old son told me this morning that the Arundel tree house might be removed - he is very disappointed and has asked me to add my signature to this petition. Residents of the flats bought them knowing that they overlooked a square that was frequently used by children - the tree house is also some distance from the flats. Whether it's riding bikes, playing football, or climbing into a treehouse I'm sure noise levels are the same. Can the council please focus on improving other parks such as Barnard Park.

Eleanor Stacpoole
london, United Kingdom
the tree house has become a focus for play and enjoyment by children from all over the area

Lucy Holburn
Bristol, United Kingdom
what's not to like about a treehouse?

Francesca Leadlay
London, United Kingdom
Islington doesn't have many green spaces for children to play on their doorstep. The tree house is incredibly popular and well-used. I agree with others that more of these types of play areas are needed.

Dan Grace
london, United Kingdom
This park has been such a fantastic audition to the whole area

Adam Shimali
London, United Kingdom
Adults in Islington are very well catered for when it comes to going out and having fun, but the kids don' ave many places to go. It would be a real shame to take away one of the best features of what has become a focal point of the local community. A few years ago Arundel Square was a shabby dump, and now it is fun, safe and lively. Let's keep it that way.

Karen Sear Shimali
London, United Kingdom
My two children love the treehouse. We use the park almost every day after school. We have no garden, so it's lovely for the kids to have somewhere safe yet challenging to play.

Anna Waddell
London, United Kingdom
It is absolutely ridiculous that this would be taken down. Firstly, children need access to environments in which they feel that they are taking risks (stepping out of their comfort zone), but are in fact safe. Secondly, the site of the 'tree house' is in the middle of a built up residential area where a great number of children live. The needs of these children should be prioritised over grumpy residents who have little understanding of anything other than their own individual needs. Thirdly, the design is appealing and in no way interferes with the 'image' of the square. Signed: a primary school teacher.

Eoin Lafferty
Brighton, United Kingdom
Great installation for kids. More like this needed, not less.

Natasha Mold
London, United Kingdom
Very important for city children who have limited places to climb and develop their physical strength and skills.

Lara Killham-Walter
London, United Kingdom
More playspace is needed in Islington for children

yasmin pasha
london, United Kingdom
it's an amazing space/place for kids- unique in islington.

Libby Nehill
London, United Kingdom
The treehouse is a brilliant feature of the redeveloped Arundel Square. We use this park regularly and my kids love to use the treehouse as part of their play. In addition to presenting a physical challenge, the treehouse inspires imaginative play and is beautiful to look at! Islington has limited open play spaces for children and this treehouse has brought a positive change.

Duncan woodburn
London, United Kingdom
Come on- it's about ten to one in favour of keeping it. It's an enhancement to the square

Amy Hellawell
London, United Kingdom
I love this tree house and its like a second home!

Rebecca Shingleton
London, United Kingdom
Because my niece and nephew love that tree house. It's a big feature of their childhood and the community in which they are growing up in as it is for my children when we visit them. It would be great to keep it for all other children growing up in the area. It's special. It's unique.

dan glass
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Green space, particularly fun-orientated spaces, are necessary for all children. Public space shouldn't be dominated by only those who can afford it but for everyone.

Isabel Tuppen
Arundel, United Kingdom
Tree houses are the stuff of fairytale adventures for kids. Children lucky enough to have one should not be denied the chance to keep it!

Gail Wilson
London, United Kingdom
It is a community resource that is really well used

USK, United Kingdom
All children should have as many chances to play out of doors as necessary, children living in the towns need more help to find these chances, this tree house is a thing of dreams. What a ridiculous idea to take it away...

Nicola Thomson
London, United Kingdom
Growing up in the countryside we loved being up high in a neighbour's tree house. Not many in central London are lucky enough to have a suitable tree! Don't take away special childhood memories from so many kids.

steve Cummaford
London, United Kingdom
kids need places to play! A tree house is an exciting thing to have around.

Catherine Gould
London, United Kingdom
Tree houses rock!

Abigail Hopkins
London, United Kingdom
Madness to even think of removing them. They are so obviously enjoyed by so many. Those young enough to get up them but also those too old but can enjoy watching the young in them.

emma bayley
london, United Kingdom
The children LOVE this treehouse - it would be madness to remove it. We need to think of the needs and desires of the many rather than what is probably just a very few!

Leo Murray
London, United Kingdom
I designed and built it!

Jodie Aziz
London, United Kingdom
My son regularly plays in this tree house. He absolutely loves it. Its very important for young kids in inner cities to have somewhere to exert their energies! And getting closer to nature is a fantastic way. I cannot imagine who could argue against kids having a great time. Would they rather kids go around with a bottle of spray paint in their spare time instead?! Save our tree house!

jean vile
taunton, United Kingdom
Because it brings joy and play to lots of people especially children.

Harriet Winterburn
London, United Kingdom
My children play there and enjoy this tree house regularly

Eleonora Simeone
london, United Kingdom
Kids love it...Let them enjoy thier childhood ,please.

Phyllis Dietrich
London, United Kingdom
We need more play space in South Islington. Kids need to feel that they are a welcome part of the community, that there are safe places for them to play and explore.

Jane Zelly
London, United Kingdom
I think it's important that all children have access to good play facilities close to home, and the tree house seems unique and attractive to children.

Angela Bhardwaj
London, United Kingdom
my kids love playing in it and is the only tree house within a walking distance.

Nicholas Robinson
London, United Kingdom
The tree house provides somewhere safe for a bit of adventure for local children. It encourages them to come to the park and is very popular too.

Helen Genia
London, United Kingdom
The Children are our future - let them have fun whilst they still can.

John Butcher
London, United Kingdom
A scarce and valuable activity resource for urban kids.

Sarah Brown
Barnet, United Kingdom
It's the coolest tree house I have ever seen!!

Leo MacLehose
London, United Kingdom
I live across from the tree house and every time I look, there are smiling children enjoying themselves on this great tree house, I can't think of any reason to take this pleasure out of their lives.

Meg Howarth
LONDON, United Kingdom
This is an outstanding example of imaginative planning for children's play. Something to be proud of!

Gerard Gilmartin
Copenhagen, Denmark
Kids love it, parents like the kids playing on it, if I were a kid in Islington I would play on it.. Why take something special away from the community?

Elaine Martin
london, United Kingdom
every child should should have the oppertunity to play in a treehouse

Becky CM
London, United Kingdom
Because it is one of the most interesting and exciting places for children to play in Islington and it was an inspired idea. We all love it. It is also a terrible waste of funds to take it down. What's the cost of this fiasco if they do. Keep the tree house, please.

Jeni Williams
London, United Kingdom
The new square has been designed to be inclusive with something for everyone - and it works! I as become an important focus for our community and the tree house is tree house is an integral component of the design concept. Plus - the kids love it!!

Nick Hanson
London, United Kingdom
The children love playing in it and it's a really good design - it's a great part of our local

jean biggs
London, United Kingdom
it is a great place for children to play...i think thing children are given manyplaces to play as it is

matt smith
London, United Kingdom
because the kids love it and it looks great

Mary Roberts
London, United Kingdom
My son loves this tree house, it's great piece of equipment for kids to climb safely!

Caitlin Russell
ROMSEY, United Kingdom
my kids LOVE to play in that tree house !!

Filippo Noseda
London, United Kingdom
Best piece of park equipment I have ever seen. Kids are enthusiastic and many adults feel like being Peter Pan when climbing it.

Flo Hanson
London, United Kingdom
Its a fabulous adult free play area!

Simona Valeriani
London, United Kingdom
Particularly slightly older children that are beyond the stage of being content with a slide are enjoying the tree house a lot, let's keep them busy and physically active playing together!

E Back
New York, NY
There are so few places for kids to play outdoors, especially in larger UK cities. Assuming the playhouse is safe, what is the rationale for removing it? Let it stay!

sarah wynick
london, United Kingdom
its loved by all the local children

Catherine Trilllo
London, United Kingdom
This is a marvellous addition to our new park and great benefit to the children who usse the park. It is an excellent and well installed tree house and should be allowed to stay.

Paris, France
Leave the kids play

David Wingrove
Islington, United Kingdom
Because the kids enjoy it hugely

Lucy Newham
London, United Kingdom
What would I say to my children if the treehouse got removed? Administrative error? A handful of adults won against hundreds of children?

mary duggan
london, United Kingdom
because my children use it

Caroline Russell
London, United Kingdom
The tree house is an exemplary structure allowing for flexible, creative, adventurous play much needed in an inner city borough like Islington.

Alice McAllister
London, United Kingdom
My children love this treehouse, it must be kept. We should be encouraging more play, not taking away equipment!

Julie Ofori Muhammad
London, United Kingdom
Islington has very limited open space. The tree house serves as a play area an open adventure for many children . It's not right that children and young people should be deprived of this play focus .

Susan Oudot
London, United Kingdom
This is a fantastic piece of equipment that looks great and provides an imaginative play area for older children (8plus), for whom the children's play area in Arundel Square is too 'young'. As far as I understand it, one of the main objections to it is that is presents youngsters with the opportunity to see into the homes on Blackthorn Avenue. I'd suggest that would only be a problem if there were kids up there 24/7 with binoculors, otherwise it's just the same as for the majority of city house dwellers.

David Trillo
London, United Kingdom
It is easily apparent that it gives huge pleasure to large numbers of children, which is the objective any decent park.

mark petch
london, United Kingdom
used to play there as a kid and should remain there

david cavanagh
London, United Kingdom
To keep the tree house

Pat Treasure
London, United Kingdom
my daughter just loves playing in it

Sue Phillips
London, United Kingdom
Kids love the tree house .... let them have their time of fun!

Sebastian Alleaume
Caen, France
The tree house is the best thing our kids have on the square! Save our tree house!

Jan Lee
London, United Kingdom
Because the kids need to have fun !!!

cheri francillia
london, United Kingdom
I am a local resident, whos child uses this tree house. Its a great addition to our park and is unlike anything i have seen else where. All the local children and visitors to the park love it and it provides exercise and fun for children, it is used by children of all ages and enjoyed by the older children very much .

Peter Taylor
London, United Kingdom
My 2 boys enjoy using it

Koukla MacLehose
London, United Kingdom
i see children of all ages in it every day. I work from home and walk my dog and love seeing
them having such fun. it is a real feature of the park. I cannot see why local resident should be against it. it's beautiful and a centre of attraction..

Steven Powell
London, United Kingdom
The kids love it. We need more facilities for children. I speak as a childless person.

Rupert Graves
london, United Kingdom
There is nothing in the area as exciting and adventurous for the children as this treehouse.

Sandra Gruescu
London, United Kingdom
Because children of all ages are having so much fun up there!

Kate mcgeever
london, United Kingdom
this treehouse is both a beautiful design to look at and a wonderful thing for children to play in. My children love it and it would be very sad and absurd for it to go.

Andrew Morton
Lockerbie, United Kingdom
This clearly has the support of parents and the community more generally and facilities such as this are exactly those that build communities and strengthen neighbourhoods. I may not be exactly local, but I have friends who are who value this facility highly

Catherine Cameron
London, United Kingdom
The tree house is a great addition to Arundel Square. Children across a wide age range get exercise and enjoyment out of it, firing their imaginations along the way. It enables the whole space of Arundel Square to be well used those living nearby.

Catherine Cameron
London, United Kingdom
This a valuable addition to Arundel Square providing exercise and entertainment for children of a wide age range.

David Crompton
London, United Kingdom
My grandchildren enjoy it.

anton brech
london, United Kingdom
I have 6 children who are growing up in an urban environment - anything tht makes the outdoors exciting and adventurous makes them very happy and they love to play for hours on the treehouse. We are very lucky to have such a hidden treasure in islington!

Ariadne Hager
London, United Kingdom
My Godson plays in the treehouse and he loves it, he will be heart broken if it is removed!

James Marsh
Teddington, United Kingdom
As an ex-Islington resident (very recently ex) and someone who lived in Arundel Square and whose children went to Thornhill School, I deeply upset that this action could even be considered. Please re-consider.

Effie Crompton
London, United Kingdom
My grandchildren play in it.

Islington, United Kingdom
its a great local facility that does no harm and provides a great place to play

Virginia Crompton
London, United Kingdom
Our children love to play in the tree house. It's an exciting and fun. Please don't take it down.

Johannes Dessens
London, United Kingdom
The tree house is an unusual feature of the park that looks nice and complements the playground very well. Kids love it, also older ones.

Lorna Hobbs
London, United Kingdom
I lived in Islington for 12 years, and although we have now moved to a neighbouring borough, we regularly come back to Islington and the children remain at school there. Arundel Sq is a lovely space for children, and the tree house is great for older children. Please don't take it down.

alex carruthers
LONDON, United Kingdom
Its great for kids

Hannah Mitchison
London, United Kingdom
We love all the great changes that have happened in Arundel Square, and the tree house is
great for local children.

Catherine Jones
London, United Kingdom
Children always need somewhere stimulating to play. Arundel Square is a wonderful achievement. The tree house is a key part of its new contribution to the community.

Jennifer P
London, United Kingdom
Because the kids love it and there is little for the older children to play on in the park. The park was always intended to be used by EVERYONE in the community.

Tessa Crompton
London, United Kingdom
The local children love the tree-house.