More Magic Monkey Biz

Monkey do has taken roots in international shores,under the pseudonym of Teamplayground we have built, alongside the local young people, a few adventure playgrounds, using recycled, reclaimed and donated materials.
the fist one-named Bege1 which means happiness in wolof , was built in Brufut in the Gambia in the grounds of Brufut Education Project, which is a nursery school and skill centre. Material for this was kindly donated by Hayward Adventure Playground.
The second Playground was built in Ziguinchor in Senegal using the material we drove overland, kindly donated by Bernard Park, some film companies, Grove tyres and other generous donors.
Each year we have been visiting the playgrounds to maintain their up keep.
Recently we have been going the refugee camp in Callais aka the jungle where we added a tower and climbing net to a playground in the woman and children area and then built a playground in Zimarcos school area. This playgrounds was built by a group of people which included children and adults who live in the camp.
We Strongly believe that every child has a right to play, what ever their circumstances. Playgrounds are a vital resource to allow children to grow , learn, explore, and play in a same and stimulating environment. All these playgrounds include the trademark Moneky-Do climbing nets, which your children may have enjoyed or hope to enjoy at one of our events in future.
As a community interest non for profit company we strongly believe that out activity should be free and accessible for all children, what ever their economic background. As a result we need funds from elsewhere to finance our international project.
If you feel like you could donate so that the children can fully participate and appreciate Moneky-Do experience, donate and share here

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